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In an effort to address some confusion among residents and provide additional instructions to participating households, the Every Other Week Garbage collection pilot has been postponed. 

Participating residents may resume placing thier Garbage cart out for weekly collection. 

Residents who participated in the pilot for the full month of February will receive a $2.00 credit on their Recology bill. If you received a larger Garbage cart for the pilot, please keep it until further notice, however, please return to using your original smaller cart for weekly collection.

If you have any questions, please contact Recology San Mateo County at 650-595-3900.     

About the Pilot

The Every Other Week Garabge Collection Pilot program aims to test new methods of diverting waste from landfills and working toward achieving local and State waste reduction and recycling goals. 

The Every Other Week Garbage Collection Pilot is an integral part of the 2015 Long Range Plan which provides a policy and programmatic roadmap to meet the State’s goal of achieving 75% waste diversion by 2020 through innovative solutions to enhance existing solid waste, recycling, and organics collection and processing systems for the RethinkWaste service area. 

How it Works

During the Every Other Week Pilot the frequency of garbage collection services will be temporarily adjusted from weekly pick-up to every other week for the City of San Mateo residents that have been selected to participate. If your household is participating in the pilot project your garbage collection will shift from weekly service to every other week service. The pilot will only affect the frequency of your Garbage collections (black cart). Service for Recycle (blue cart) and Compost (green cart) will remain the same on your regular collection day. 

We appreciate your support during this pilot program and request your assistance in gathering important waste disposal information and feedback by filling out the residential survey.

What is the purpose of the pilot?

The purpose of the Every Other Week Garbage Collection Pilot is to test alternative methods for reducing our impact on the environment and working toward achieving local and State waste reduction and recycling goals.

Benefits may include:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change;
  • Less waste sent to our local landfill;
  • Increased participation in recycling and compost programs; and,
  • A more efficient garbage collection service with fewer collection trucks leading to reduced traffic and wear and tear on our streets. 

Is my neighborhood participating? 

Only households that recieved a brochure directly in the mail are participating in the program. 

HOA & Neighborhoods* in the pilot: 

·         Baywood Owners Improvement Association

·         Fiesta Gardens HA 

·         Corta Bella HOA

·         South San Mateo HOA

·         19th Avenue Park Association

·         Hacienda Neighborhood Association

·         Beresford/Hillsdale HOA

·         Laurelwood 

*Only portions of these neighborhoods are involved in the pilot program.


Will my Garbage cart be big enough?

If you maximize the use of your Recycle and Compost carts, your current Garbage cart should be sufficientAll residents that participate in the pilot have the option of increasing the size of their Garbage cart one size up (e.g., 20-gallon to 32-gallon) at no additional cost during the duration of the pilot project. At the end of the pilot project, the larger Garbage cart will be removed and residents can resume using their original carts. Additionally, residents can increase the size of their Recycle (blue) carts for no additional charge and retain this larger cart after the conclusion of the pilot. For any cart changes, please contact Recology San Mateo County at www.recologysanmateo.com or call (650) 595-3900.

Use the CartSMART guide  for information on which items go in the Recycle (blue) or Compost (green) carts. 

What if I leave extra garbage outside of the bin during my collection week?

This garbage will be picked up. Each household has two free overages annually which are already provided with garbage service.

What about the wet and organic waste?

“Wet” waste items such as diapers and pet waste still go in the black Garbage cart to be picked up every other week. “Organic” waste including all green waste and food scraps (including soiled and wet paper items) should go in the green Compost cart that will continue to be serviced weekly.

My garbage is smelly or attracting rodents/flies/etc.

It’s likely this waste should be included in the Compost (green) cart, as waste that is smelly and attracts flies/rodents is typically food scraps or other wet waste that should be placed in the Compost cart for weekly collection. See the CartSMART guide above for information on which items should be placed in each cart.

What if I don’t want to participate?

If you do not wish to participate in the pilot, your household may opt out by calling Recology San Mateo County at (650) 595-3900 and referencing the “Every Other Week Pilot Project”.

What will I be provided in return for participating?

Each household participating in the pilot (through the full 3 month period) will receive a $2.00 credit per month on their Recology garbage bill and will also be entered into a random drawing to win a $50 credit applied to their Recology bill.  These credits will be applied to the bill issued in late June for July-August-September services.  

Since this is half the service, shouldn’t I get a 50% discount?

The cost of Garbage service also includes the cost to run the Recycle and Compost collection trucks. So, over the course of every two weeks, these three trucks provide two collections each. If the Garbage collection is reduced to just once over this two week period, it only reduces one truck trip. This equates to 1/6 reduction in truck trips and not 1/2. By piloting this new collection program, we hope to learn the actual cost reduction and impact on services; however, it is not anticipated to result in a 50% reduction in costs.

How is this going to impact my service schedule in the future?

This is only a temporary pilot program meant to test the impact of an adjustment in the frequency of Garbage collections.

For additional information, residents may call Recology San Mateo at 650-595-3900 or RethinkWaste directly at 650-802-3500.    

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